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Newsletter Number 194 -

September 2017

The Summer has been a bit of a mixed bag when it came to the weather. The beginning of July was glorious, with plenty of sunshine and gentle breezes, just what you need for a Garden Party. Unfortunately, just a couple of days before the FOCOC Garden Party the weather changed.

Did that deter us, not a bit.

Once again, on the last Saturday in July, Nigel and Linda Moss opened their garden to allow us to set up gazebos, tables and chairs and to take-over their house for the afternoon. It rained. But still you came, with your raincoats and umbrellas. It was just as well, because Marion and her team had been hard at work making sandwiches and cakes, they looked lovely and tasted even better. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as our brains got to work on another of Doug’s thought provoking quizzes. The laughter and the smiles made it all worthwhile and only went to show that no matter what, we will still enjoy good food and good company. My thanks to Nigel and Linda, and to everyone who helped set-up and run the event. Also to all of you who supported it, we made over £300.

August Bank Holiday found us setting up the gazebos again, this time in the sunshine, at the annual Stubbington Fayre, organised by the Crofton Lions. FOCOC had a stall there and we were blessed with sunshine all day. As usual the cakes sold very well and Craig’s jams were very popular. We also did a brisk trade with the jigsaws and the souvenirs making over £200 profit on the day. But more importantly, we introduced people to St Edmunds Church and FOCOC, and showed that this well-hidden gem is still an active part of the local community. Once again, my thanks to all those who helped to set this up and gave up their time to man the stall through-out the day.

Forthcoming Events...

Saturday 16th September, there will be a talk by Victoria Knight about “Living and working in Viet Nam.” This will be followed by Afternoon Tea. It starts at 15.30 in the Parish Centre. Tickets are £5.00 and are available at the Church office, from Victoria Knight on 01329 662383 or from me on 01329 662823. Do come to support this and see how one young person in our community is actively making a positive difference in the world.

Saturday 14th October, we are holding a Harvest Supper, again at the Parish Centre, from 6.00 pm. Ticket are £9.00 and will be available from the Church Office and myself on 01329 662823 nearer the time.

Saturday 18th November, the Yuletide Fayre from 10.00 – 12.00 at the Parish Centre. With Books, Jigsaws, Toys, Cakes, Jewellery, Christmas gifts and Refreshments there will be something for everyone. Admission charge 30p.

Sunday 3rd December, we are delighted to welcome back The West Hill Park Community Choir. They are starting our countdown to Christmas with an Advent themed concert at St Edmunds Church starting at 16.00. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Details of future events will be in the next Newsletter.
Services at St Edmund's
From this month we welcome the 11.10 congregation as they make the move from Holy Rood to St Edmunds. I’m sure you will join me in making them very welcome during this time of transition.
1st Sunday of the month Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 08.00. Common Worship service of Holy Communion 11.10.
3rd Sunday of the month Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 09.30. Common Worship service of Holy Communion 11.10.
2nd and 4th Sundays of the month Morning Service at 09.30
5th Sunday of the month Common Worship Service of Holy Communion with Hymns at 09.30

If you would like to attend any of the services at St Edmund’s but have trouble getting there please contact a member of the committee and we will do our best to arrange transport.

As always the Church is open on the 18th of the month between 10.00 and 12.00

We have recently discovered that there are several Hymn books missing from the Church. If you have accidently taken one home we would be most grateful for its return. When there is a full congregation we occasionally run out of books.

I shall leave you with this.

The lesson was maths, and the teacher was trying to make it fun and interesting for the children.
“Sam, if I give you 2 rabbits and another 2 rabbits and 2 more rabbits, how many rabbits do you have?” she asked.
Sam thought hard for a moment and said, “7 Miss.”
“No Sam, listen. I give you 2 rabbits and another 2 rabbits and then 2 more rabbits. How many rabbits do you have?” she repeated.
“7 Miss.” Sam replied.
Rather perplexed she said “Let’s try something else. If I give you 2 cakes, another 2 cakes and 2 more cakes, how many cakes do you have?”
Quick as a flash Sam said “6 Miss.”
By now she was getting slightly annoyed. “Tell me Sam. Why is it, if I give 2 cakes and 2 cakes and another 2 cakes, you have 6 cakes. But if I give you 2 rabbits and 2 rabbits and another 2 rabbits, you have 7 rabbits?”
“Oh that’s easy Miss.” Said Sam. “I already have a rabbit at home.”

Sincerely yours,

Peter Gladwell