Friends Of Crofton Old Church
A group dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of . .


The displays at the
Festival of Flowers 2015
in St Edmund's Church


Our grateful thanks go to Pat Willcocks, Jan Edwards and Marion Horley
for organising the whole event.
You can view the photos one by one, by clicking on a theme below to see each display.
Entrance Path
1. Great is Thy Faithfulness
2. Down in the Valley
3. O Father above us
4. Eternal Father strong to save
5. Lord, Thy Word Abideth
6. Lord of the Dance
7. The summer days are come again
8. O Love that will not let me go
9. God is working his purpose out
10. All creatures of or God and King
11. For all the Saints
12. Daisies are our Silver
13. As the Deer
14. For the beauty of the earth
15. The Lord's my shepherd
16. All things bright and beautiful
17. All people that on earth do dwell
18. Morning has broken
19. Think of a world without any flowers
20. St Edmund the Martyr
21. Father, hear the prayer we offer
22. Jesus bids us shine
23. I vow to thee my country
24. There is a green hill far away
25. Let all the world
25. Nearer my God to Thee
St Edmund is said to have become the King of the East Angles while still a youth. In 869 a great host of Danes took up quarters in Norfolk and Edmund led his troops against them, but was defeated.
When Edmund refused to share his Christian Kingdom with the heathen invaders he was tied to a tree and shot with arrows until his body was like a thistle covered with prickles, then his head was cut off. He was speedily revered as a martyr, and it is therefore not surprising that Crofton Old Church was dedicated to him, as it was built soon after his death.

The Flower Arrangers Prayer.
"May God grant that our hearts, our eyes and our hands may receive His inspiration,
enabling us to glorify His house with the beauty of the leaves and blossoms which He has created"

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin;
And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these"

Kings James Bible, Matthew 6:28,29

Photographs by courtesy of Simon Swindells
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