Friends Of Crofton Old Church
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The Friends of Crofton Old Church (FOCOC)

The Friends are a group of people who look after the fabric of St Edmund's, the original church in the Crofton Parish.

History of FOCOC

Early in 1981 Crofton P.C.C. were having to consider closing St Edmund's due to the amount of work required to maintain the building. However, it was agreed that an appeal committee, Crofton Old Church Appeal (COCA) would be set up for one year to try and raise funds to cover the cost of the necessary work. At the end of the year a total of £8910.23 had been raised which was sufficient to meet the immediate needs.

Following the success of COCA the P.C.C. gave their blessing and permission for FOCOC to be formed, as a sub committee of the P.C.C., to continue to look after the fabric of the St Edmund's.

The first Chairman was Mrs Janet Newman who served in that role until Mr Gary Willcocks took over in 1995.

Aims and Objects of FOCOC
  1. To help provide funds to enable the P.C.C. to maintain and repair the fabric of St Edmund's Church.
  2. To organise the cleaning and flowers.
  3. To foster the interest and enthusiasm of the local community

For most of the time since the formation of FOCOC the P.C.C. has also passed the responsibility of organising, arranging and managing the necessary work on the building and fabric to FOCOC.

When FOCOC was formed there was one service a month at St Edmund's during the summer months. Through the efforts of FOCOC there is now a service every Sunday throughout the year with extra Services at festival times.


Membership of FOCOC is open to anyone who is interested in making sure that St Edmund's is maintained in a good state of repair. There is a subscription of £1 minimum per year. The minimum subscription has deliberately been kept low to ensure that nobody is prevented from supporting FOCOC due to their financial circumstances.


Should you wish to find out more about St Edmund's or would like to join FOCOC please contact the Membership Secretary by email or through the church office at Holy Rood, Stubbingon, telephone 01329 661154.

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