Friends Of Crofton Old Church
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1Cross with FlowersMrs M A ChambersMrs M A ChambersA.D.C. 1904 - 1976
2Koala Bear and LionMiss T ChappellMiss T ChappellJ.R. & T.C. 1982
3Womens World Day of PrayerMrs N EngleyMrs N EngleyGolden Wedding N.E. & G.E. 1935 - 1985
4WellsMrs C BangertMrs C BangertSilver Wedding C. & R. 24 December 1987
5St Edmunds ChurchMrs H M TilburyMrs H M TilburyG.E.O. 6 February 1978
6Sailing Boat, Welsh Dragon and Wilmshurst machineMrs A WilkinsonMrs A WilkinsonR.G.W. 1926 - 1985
7DurhamMrs J WingateMrs J WingateJanet Siubhan
8Royal Marines badgeMrs S YoungMrs S YoungJ.L.S.G. 1920 - 1971
9Norman Ploughman "Domesday 900"Mrs E M ReidMrs E M ReidG.H.B. 1886 - 1976
10Donkey and FoalMrs C HalnanCdr & Mrs G JesseyLittle Children
11BridalMr & Mrs D R AustinMr & Mrs D R AustinBunny & Lilian Austin - Ruby Wedding 1947 - 1987
12MadonnaMrs J BirdMrs J BirdE.H.1884 - 1979
13TrinityMrs H E MortonMrs H E Morton 
14CanterburyMrs D MoorhouseMrs D MoorhouseA.E.Taylor
15Marine LifeMrs H TartMrs H Tart 
16YorkMrs D JewellMrs M BatesF.C. Wood 1900 - 1933 at sea
17Cross with circle of flowersMrs D GladwellMrs D GladwellM.C.G.
18Royal Engineers BadgeMrs E CullenMrs E Cullen 
19NativityMrs G DugdaleMrs G DugdaleC.G.M. 1871 - 1965
20GlastonburyMrs D JewellMrs D JewellC.D.J. 1905 - 1981
21WRNS Association badgeMrs D ThomasAssociation of WRNS, Fareham 
22WellsMrs E M RoweMrs E M RoweM.N.G. 1905 - 1984
23Dove with Olive branchMrs D R Bramsbury, SRN, SCNMrs D R Bramsbury, SRN, SCNQ.I.D.N.S. 1950 - 1970
24CameliasMrs J BennetMrs King-Turner"God the First garden Made"
25FishesMrs B RocheCdr King-TurnerIcthus
26Dove with FlowersMrs M J SargeantMrs P M BoullinS.K.B. 28 December 1943 - 1 June 1978
27GlastonburyMrs S BenoyMrs S BenoyGood Companions ll 1966
28Royal Navy crestMrs M BrookmanMrs M Brookman 
29Mothers Union badgeM.U. MembersMothers UnionCrofton MU
30Paschal LambMrs M E HuntMrs M E Hunt 
31Fleet Air Arm wingsMrs B J BrightMrs B J BrightPeter J. Arnold RAN
32St James the Great, Ruscombe, BerekshireMrs M J SargeantMrs J Sparkes & Mrs B BriceA.E. 1895-1986 & A.J.E. 1897- 1967
33Dove with Australian Wattle and German fir treeMrs L SoppelsaMrs L SoppelsaLynda & Volker's wedding day 1984
34Archer's BowMrs H BrayMrs H BrayM.E.C. 1930 - 1985
35Early Christian symbolsMrs J PorteousMrs J Porteous 
36Circlet of FlowersMiss D R MilesLt Cdr H. BuntingWynne
37Seagull (School Badge) with Solent ViewsMrs M J SargeantCrofton Hammond Junior SchoolCrofton Hammond Junior School
38Scout badgeMrs M Morris, Geoffrey & ChristopherMrs M Morris, Geoffrey & Christopher2nd Stubbington Scout Group
39Logo of the SamaritansMrs J BirdMr & Mrs G Willcocks 
40Red Rose of Lancashire & Treble ClefMrs K A HarrisonMrs MarshallMr H. Marshall 1910 - 1985
41Royal Engineers BadgeMrs P GreenMrs P GreenL.J.Y. 1918 - 1986
42Flower Circle with CrossMrs E HassallMiss A WhitleyA.& S.W, and A.M.W.
43St Peter and the FishesMrs J MoreyMrs J Morey 
44Live AidMrs Baldock & Mrs GrahamMrs Baldock 
45Halley's Comet 1986Mrs D GladwellMr W J & Mrs M D King 
46FernsMrs P Edge & J.L.The Fareham Society 
47Dove held in HandsMrs M J SargeantMrs MasonJohn 15.4.1905 - 26.7.1985
48Dove held in HandsMrs M J SargeantMrs MasonJune 30.1.1928 - 28.4.1982
49Poppies of Remembrance & CrossesMrs L WallMrs L WallA.T.B. 1902- 1941
50Trinity College and Cambridge CityMrs C M HalnanMrs A B HalnanE.T.Halnan 1888-1985
51City of London skyline at SunsetMrs C M HalnanMrs C M HalnanF.E.C. 1893-1969 & S.E.C. 1895-1969
52St Edmunds crown and arrowsMrs E M ReidMrs E M ReidReid family, St Edmunds, Manchester
53Probus LogoMr D L CosterProbusFellowship
54RNVR badgeMrs J BirdMrs M GilchristA.J.G. RNVR 1902 - 1973
55Soroptomist BadgeMrs D JewellE S ParkerE.S.P. 1987
56MagpieCdr T J W SergeantCdr T J W sergeantHMS Magpie 1954 - 1956
57All Things Bright and BeautifulMrs M J SergeantCrofton Hammond Infants SchoolCrofton Hammond Infants School
58The Crofton Inn SignMrs M J SergeantMr & Mrs N ChuterNorman & Betty Chuter
59Two Cats in WindowMrs A SergeantMrs A SergeantFamily Fellowship
60Crofton Ann Dale Junior School badgeIVth year girlsCrofton Ann Dale Junior SchoolCrofton Ann Dale School
61Design showing interests of Mrs Ann DaleMrs M J SargeantCrofton Ann Dale Junior School IVth year 
62Daffodils/JoyMrs J R IngramMrs J R IngramIngram family
63ButterfliesMrs A GrayMrs A Gray 
64HMS Dolphin badgeMrs C M AyresMrs I Wardle
65W.I. TreeHazel Bray and members of S.V.W.I.Stubbington Village Women's InstituteHome and Country
66StrawberriesMrs J BirdMrs J BirdM.J.B. 1882 - 1942
67WestminsterMiss B M GodwinMiss B M Godwin 
68Dove in a TreeMrs H TartMrs A GroutA. Grout
69Crabthorne FarmhouseMrs D GregoryMrs D GregoryLoving memory of R. & L. Surridge
70Titchfield HavenMr D L CosterMrs Nield 
71H.H.S.C. BurgeeMrs A WilkinsonHill Head sailing ClubH.H.S.C. 1930
72W.I. logoMrs A M SteinhausenCrofton Women's Institute 
73W.R.N.S. badgeMr D L CosterMrs Theobald 
74R.N. badgeMr D L CosterMrs Theobald 
75R.N. crestMiss E CollettMrs J CollettA.J.C. 25 years service R.N. 1946 - 1971
76RosesMr D L CosterMrs M Shaw 
77English Garden BouquetMrs M J SargeantMrs E LangdonBill Langdon
781st Stubbington Scouts Troop badgeMr & Mrs D R AustinMr & Mrs D R AustinGraham Robert Austin 1950 - 1966
79Fleet Air Arm WingsMrs C R StevensonMrs C R StevensonE.R.E.
80Mt. Hood, Oregon, USAMiss S Cooper & Mrs M SargeantSonia M CooperA.C. Cooper 1922 - 1941 H.M.S. Hood
81All Saints Church, FulhamMr D L CosterMr & Mrs G WillcocksSilver Wedding April 4th 1989
82Hampshire W I BadgeMrs G DavisStubbington and Hill Head Women's Institute 
83VioletsMrs C M AyresMrs M KraushaarIn Memory of Mum and Dad
84MadonnaMrs N EngleyMrs N EngleyGod is Love
85English Garden BouquetMrs M J SargeantMrs V GreenhouseIn Memory of Dear Chris
86ChichesterMrs M LondonMrs M Londodn 
87Crofton Bowling Club badgeMrs M HallMrs M HallCrofton Bowling Club 1980
88VegetablesMrs A WilkinsonCrofton Gardening ClubCrofton Garedening Club 1986
89Christ the KingMrs H TartMrs E RoperH.W.R.
90Crosses and DiamondsMiss B M GodwinMiss B M Godwin 
91Sea Vixen (FAA)Mrs S YoungMrs P WoodJ.L.Wood 1921 - 1985
92Sherwood Forester badgeMrs C M AyresMrs K SalsburyR.F.S. 1918 - 1982
93Townswomen's Guild badgeMrs L DaviesTownswomen's Guild25th Anniversary 1962 - 1987
94Lee-on-the-Solent Bowling ClubMrs Johnson & Mrs H M BrayMrs MinterFrederick Minter 1926 - 1986
95Wessex Blood Transfusion ServiceJ & GrundyMrs J GrundyBrian Grundy 1929 - 1986 In Loving Memory
96Verse attributed to Mary, Queen of ScotsMrs H M BrayMrs H M BrayJohn Green 1931 - 1981 & John Green 1962 - 1976
97"Lest we Forget" PoppiesMrs J BirdLady TownsendJ.W.B. 1920 - 1987
98Lords Weather VaneMr D L CosterRev A MortonM.C.C. 200 year Centennial
99Cross Keys 2nd Division badgeMrs M R HalnanMrs M R HalnanK.E.H. Kohima 1944
100The Lord Is My ShepherdMrs D JewellMiss HumphreyD.W.H. 1907 - 1985
101Garden FlowersMrs J BirdMrs J NewmanMrs Pip Blackman 1920 - 1985
102AnemonesMrs H M E JesseyMrs H M E JesseyGrandparents C.H.K. 1883 - 1971 & L.K.C.K. 1880 - 1957
103Price's School badgeMr D L CosterMr P ChapmanPrice's School 1721 - 1974, Price's College 1974 - 1984
104Lions badgeMrs C M AyresFareham Lions Club25th Anniversary, Fareham Branch 1962 - 1987
105Lions International logoMrs D A NortonFareham Lions Club25th Anniversary, Fareham Branch 1962 - 1987
106Fareham badgeMrs J L VauseMrs J L VauseMayoral Year 1986 c- 1987
107HMS Centaur crestMrs R MatthewsMrs R MatthewsW.W.D.M. 1924 - 1981
108LongboatMr & Mrs D R AustinMr & Mrs D R AustinHappy Family Holidays
109Quakers leave for the New WorldMrs M J SergeantMrs J AdamsJ.T.K.A. & J.E.S.
110TrinityMrs E HassellMrs E HassellBert 1920 - 1990
111"Mandy", golden labradorMrs P M CardMrs P M CardLoving Memory of my Husband 1918 - 1987
112Royal Anglian badgeMrs Bohea & Mrs C M AyresMrs BoheaIan
113Dove with Wedding ring and flowersMrs M J SergeantMrs L FlintIsmay & Christopher
114Springer spanielMrs B T BrightMrs B T BrightV.A.G.
115Clifton suspension bridge and Avon gorgeMrs I M FisherMrs I M FisherW.G.S. Murmansk 1942
116HMS Hood - "Oh Valiant Heart"Mrs A G ReekieMrs A G ReekieL.Mitchell 1920 - 1941
117Christ Church school, Sparkbrook 1941-1968Mrs G DugdaleMrs I WardleI.Wardle
118Flowers of the FieldMr D L CosterMrs M Morton 
119AnchorsMr D L CosterThe Thompson familyL.T. 1904 - 1987; A.T. 1903 - 1981
120St Edmund's Crown - new window in Crofton Old ChurchMr D R AustinStubbington and Hill Head History Society 
121QARNNSMrs S TravisMrs S TravisClass 37, 1975
122HMS Sultan crestMrs C WilliamsMrs C Williams 
123Swans of WellsMrs M J Halnan & Mr D L CosterMrs M J HalnanAgnes Sarah Oatley
124Navy Crest 2½ "L" stripesMr D L CosterFriends of Crofton Old ChurchLt Cdr Horace Bunting 1908 - 1988
125BeesMrs A WilkinsonMrs A WilkinsonA.V.M.C.L. 1901 - 1987
126White LiliesMrs E HassallHassock FundIn Appreciation of A.Lillywhite, Upholsterer
127LanternMrs C M AyresMrs N EngleyLighten Our Darkness
128Pathfinder ScoutMrs M J SargeantMrs C ManhireR.V.C.M. 1921 - 1984. A Good Scout
129Cains shop and Village Telephone Exchange, Old StubbingtonMrs E M LeeMrs E M LeeRose Cains 1898 - 1985 & Edna Hares 1928 - 1985
130Blacksmith's cottage, Old StubbingtonMrs E M LeeMrs E M LeeDorothy Marshall 1924 - 1987
131Girl Guide badgeMr D L CosterMrs M HardingPamela Ivy Hill 1925 - 1969
132NoelMrs M J SargeantMrs M J SargeantLe Cercle Francais de Gosport
133Dove with Latin inscriptionJanet D PattonMrs B HooverLt Col Ben L Hoover USMC 1917 - 1983
134The Strawberry ThiefMrs A WilkinsonMrs A WilkinsonThe Wilkinson Family
135The Old Church, Wools and Drawing equipmentMr D L CosterFriendsC.M. & G.A. Halnan, Hassock scheme organisers
136HM SubmarineMrs J L VauseMrs J L VauseKen Vause 1925 - 1980
137Sea DancerMrs M J SargeantMrs R LoderC.R.L. 1965 - 1987
138Flight of SwansMr D L CosterMrs R LoderR.L. 1921 - 1984
139Royal Navy CrownMrs E HassallMrs Ricks (Canada)Frederick John Ricks. 1907 - 1981
140Town Badges and Linked HandsMrs M J SergeantFareham/Vannes Twinning AssociationAmitié
141RAF WingsMr D R AustinMrs S OwenNorman Owen 1916 - 1986
142Prince of Wales FeathersMrs H TartMrs M HardingAll who care for the sick and dying
143Tyne Cott War Memorial, PasschendaelMr D L CosterMrs C HalnanTommy Moore, D.C.L.I. 4 October 1917
144Each Little Flower That OpensMrs C Halnan Mrs ReadingsHer Husband Tom
145BibleMrs J BirdMrs P JesseyD.J.H. 1906 - 1987
146Pulteney Bridge, BathMrs S M JohnsonMrs S M JohnsonTom & Enid Morgan, her parents: Tom 1907-1984;Enid 1913-1985
147Nottingham CastleMrs M J SargeantMrs M GilchristIn Memory of her mother, N.L.N. 1882 - 1979
148"Hampshires" badgeMrs C M AyresMr A Chapman 
149"Hampshires" Officer's badgeMr D L CosterMr A ChapmanThe Regiment
150Australian BicentennialMrs M J SargeantMrs S BarnettMaud 1901 - 1975 & John Moore 1901 - 1981
151Devon County Football AssociationMr D L CosterMrs P SpruceIn Loving Memory of Cyril Marsh
152Musical Instruments Mrs H Shirley 
153Away in a MangerMrs M J SargeantMrs M J SargeantFor the children of Stubbington
154Sidney Sussex College, CambridgeCdr D Dawson-TaylorCdr D Dawson-Taylor 
155Garland of Flowers with initial "H"Mrs J BirdMrs P InderP. & W. Hannam
156Pansies and quotations on Friendship, by BaconMrs P GreenMrs P GreenFriendship
157BlackberriesMrs B DavidsonMrs B DavidsonFG.Warner & C.M.E.Warner
158Mountains, Bhutan, with clasped handsMrs M J SargeantMrs M J Sargeant & Mr G G StrideBhutan-Stubbington 1987 - 1990
159Hampshire Police badgeMr & Mrs D R AustinMr & Mrs D R AustinFamily Connections - Honour and Duty
160FlowersMr D L CosterMr D L CosterRuby wedding - David and Daphne 3 December 1949 - 1989
161London TransportMr D L CosterMr R NortonOur much loved parents
162Royal Corps of Signals, Catterick campMr D L CosterMr R NortonR.G.Norton, Catterick Camp 1952 - 1954
163NativityMrs M HallMrs M HallD.A.W. 1891 - 1973; W.J.W. 1892 - 1989
164Clasped Hands in Vine leaf motifMrs C M AyresStubbington Methodist SisterhoodStubbington Methodist Sisterhood
165Royal Army Service Corps badgeMr D L CosterMrs J EvansTreasured Memories of Gerry
166Dambusters researchMr D L CosterMr & Mrs C G Wilson45 years service C.G.Wilson 1937 - 1982
167Forget-Me-NotsMrs P J ChiddleGood Companions 1Friends Old and New
168House and GardenA M PMr StruttMabel Eva Strutt 1901 - 1984
169Blackthorn and birdsMr D L CosterMrs J RobertsonIdith 1894 - 1970; Ernest Reed 1888 - 1970
170FlowersMrs P M CardMrs GoodacreMrs Eva Gair 1902 - 1988
171Choir Boy - I know that my redeemer livethMrs L WallMrs L WallL.R.W. 1912 - 1973 & H.L.W. 1938 -1988
172RAF badgeMr D R AustinMrs WarrenA.J.Warren 1908 - 1988
173"Peace" rosebuds and "Peace, Perfect PeaceMrs M J SargeantMrs G SilvesterW.J. & M.B.Tribbeck 1888 - 1971
174Tonbridge School Cdr D Dawson-TaylorCdr D Dawson-TaylorFerox Hall
175Garden flowers and foliageMrs E HassallMrs ReadingsIn loving memory of P.Evans (1891-1968), B.Evans (1930-1984) and G.Evans (1983-1988)
176University of SouthamptonCdr D Dawson-TaylorCdr D Dawson-TaylorDepartment of Electronics and Computer Science
177RosesMr D L CosterMrs M GilchristErnie 1907 - 1990 - Cherished memories
178Halton Aircraft Apprentices AssociationMr D R AustinMrs D RaymondHarold Norster BEM 1912 - 1985
179Scotch ThistlesMrs E HassallMrs D RaymondSam Raymond 21.9.1988
179aRoyal Marine badgeMr D L CosterMrs D RaymondReginald and Nellie Kemp
180The Final Hassock - "Be Still"Mrs M J SargeantMr W J King & Mrs M D KingAll the Beloved
180aThe "Tetragrammatom"Cdr D Dawson-TaylorMr & Mrs G Willcocks 
181Vicar's Kneeling stoolMrs J Bird In Memory of Agnes Grout 1903 - 1988
182Altar Rail Kneeler 1Mr D L CosterMarion McEwen's two daughtersMarion McEwen
183Altar Rail Kneeler 2Sheila Young and friendsBarbara Garrett's daughterBarbara Garrett
184Altar Rail Kneeler 3Connie Halnan and friendsAdelaide Halnan's three sonsAdelaide Halnan

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